cbd ediblesAlthough the number of smokers in the US has declined dramatically over the past half-century, there are still roughly 34 million adult smokers in the country. Trying to kick the habit has been a herculean task for so many even when they use one or more of the therapies on the market today. However, the CBD vape pen along with CBD edibles may offer a way for smokers to finally quit. With the many nicotine-based products on the market today, including gum, nasal sprays, prescription medications, lozenges, and skin patches, the success rate at helping people to quit is remarkably low. From the available statistics, such products enjoy less than a 20% success rate. There are many reasons as to why such products are not working, but one of the more prominent is that they lack the proper ingredients to treat the withdrawals from tobacco products.

Dangers of Vaping Products
Vaping, which is the inhalation of heated ingredients directly into the lungs has been a popular alternative for many trying to quit smoking. It delivers the nicotine without the carcinogens. Plus, it mimics the behavior associated with smoking, so that it helps people to adjust more quickly. However, the sharp rise of deaths associated with the use of vaping products in late 2019 raised considerable concerns in the health industry. The result was that the US Food and Drug Administration essentially banned e-cigarettes which include vaping products. This has led to other companies seeking a CBD-type solution that avoids the issues associated with vaping.

CBD Alternative
Cannabidiol or CBD has garnered a considerable amount of attention since it became widely available starting in 2018. CBD is not THC, the psychotropic element of cannabis. Instead, CBD is largely derived from industrial hemp which contains little THC. CBD has helped millions of people in dealing with aches and pains. But it also has helped many people to relax and focus. It is the combination of these elements that has led one company to create a product that includes CBD to help people quit smoking.

cbd vape penTaat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. has created Beyond Tobacco cigarettes which include roughly 50 milligrams of CBD per product. It is designed to help people cope with the withdrawal symptoms that have been primarily responsible for people not following through with quitting tobacco. The initial retail sales of the Beyond Tobacco product look quite promising as it has received positive feedback from many of its users. What was noted in the testimonials was how Beyond Tobacco managed to quell much of the withdrawal symptoms which made it easier to leave behind their cigarettes. While such testimonials and anecdotal evidence is still in the early stages, it is encouraging that many are feeling the positive results.

While CBD edibles, tinctures, and the CBD vape pen offer an alternative treatment for those seeking to quite tobacco products, it will still take considerable effort for many to finally kick the habit of smoking. This means that those who want to quit should look at the use of CBD products as a means to an end and not a cure.