Cannabidiol or CDB is all the rage in the media, due to its health benefits, But, what is CBD? Why exactly is it so popular? We are here to answer all your questions relating to CBD and tell you all the things we know and we don’t know about cannabidiol.


How is it different from marijuana?

Cannabidiol or CBD is the most common active ingredient in marijuana, also known as cannabis. CBD is an essential component in marijuana but it is derived from a plant called hemp, which not the plant cannabis. Due to which they do not cause the ‘High’. According to the World health organisation, CBD shows no effects of any kind of abuse or dependence on humans and also there is no evidence of public health problems with using the pure form of CBD.

Is cannabidiol legal?

CBD is available in most parts of the United States, though its legal status is still under debate. Although there are various degrees of restriction, is legal in all the states of the United States although it is in the same class of marijuana, it does not give you the high and does not enforce habit formation. Now, people obtain CDB without needing a medical cannabis license. The legality of CBD is expected to change as there is still a debate if the hemp crop should be made legal, which can make CBD challenging to harvest.


The evidence regarding cannabidiol health benefits

health benefits

CBD is widely appreciated for its health benefits with many scientific evidence. It is been known to treat the worst case of child epilepsy syndromes, which typically does not respond to anti-seizure medications. Numerous studies have been conducted on the CBDs ability to reduce the number of seizure and to stop them altogether.

CBD is commonly used for people with anxiety, as they suffer through insomnia. A research proved that CBD helps with people falling asleep and staying asleep.

Also, CBD can be used to treat chronic pain as CBD applied on the skin help lower the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Pains such as inflammation and neuropathic pain are the most difficult type of pain to treat and CBD has shown to control the pain receptors helping to ease the pain.


Is it safe?

CBD has its fair share of side effects from nausea, fatigue, irritability. It can also increase the level of your blood. CBD is primarily marked as a supplement and not a medication. FDA does not approve of its safety and purity, and the product you buy does not have an ingredient list to tell us about the active ingredients as they may contain other elements. Also, we also don’t know the most effective dose for any medical conditions.