CBDCBD industry is highly competitive. More and more companies nowadays are producing or selling rather similar products and because of this, brands have to rely on various marketing strategies to beat the competition.

When it comes to achieving this, hiring a good CBD marketing agency is one of the best ways.

A good cannabis marketing agency can help you to rise to the top of the graph and stay ahead of your competitors. If you are a CBD business owner and looking for good CBD advertising firms, here are some top recommendations:


Cannabrand is a consultancy and marketing agency from Colorado. Being a full-service CBD marketing agency, Cannabrand helps CBD companies with expansion strategies, product strategy, digital marketing and advertising, public relations, branding and design, and more. Cannabrand has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and several other renowned publications.


PufCreativ was found in 2017. Even though it is a relatively new CBD marketing agency, PufCreativ is capable of working with businesses to develop branding, design, search engine optimization, social media management, advertising solutions, marketing strategies, and more. In a short amount of time, this CBD advertising firm has worked on some interesting projects and its portfolio features brands like Eclipse Beverage, Pot Zero, and WaxNax.

CBD Marketing ColaDigital

Founded in 2004, ColaDigital is a Canadian boutique advertising company. It uses SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, web development, etc. to boost the online presence of CBD businesses. The agency creates unique marketing solutions for all CBD businesses, depending on their target audience and needs. Its portfolio includes companies such as MDOrganics, UCLEOil, Cannisence, and Amcanna.

Jesse Grillo

Jesse Grillo is one of the top advertising and marketing consultant agencies. It offers a wide variety of marketing services to companies operating in different industries, including CBD. Jesse Grillo has a team of qualified, experienced professionals who know ins and outs of marketing strategies and offer customized solutions to promote their client’s CBD products. So, if you are looking for an effective CBD advertising, this is your go-to agency.

Cannabis Creative

Based in Newton, Massachusetts, Cannabis Creative offers CBD businesses the tools to sell their products online, design product packaging, create attractive websites, and build their brand identity. This CBD advertising firm works with both brick-and-mortar and online cannabis businesses. It handles everything a business needs to attract and impress clients. The portfolio of Cannabis Creative includes CannaMountain, Maine Coast Hemp, Blue Forest Farms, and more.

CBDCBD Marketing Pro

CBD Marketing Pro is an experienced cannabis marketing agency that specializes in the art of providing state-of-the-art marketing services, including social media as well as digital marketing programs and tools that can help a cannabis business reach its target audience without any hassle.

In conclusion, hiring a CBD advertising firm is one of the best ways to navigate the marketing restrictions of the industry and ensure success for your cannabis business. CBD marketing agencies, like the ones listed above, know the ins and outs of every cannabis advertising platform and hence, they can help you reach new customers in the most efficient way possible.