nj marijuana dispensaryWith the recent bill pass by the new Governor Phil Murphy, the Marijuana market in New Jersey is becoming very unsettling. The whole state is excited for the new law as it could potentially make the lives of thousands, if not millions of citizens in the entire state, who are suffering with pain from operations and surgeries.

In more recent news, the Jersey City’s industrial park – which was supposedly shut down, and supposed to be converted to a brewery and a bowling alley combined will now be used to house a medical marijuana manufacturing facility. This may be in accordance to what the new bill was all about. More and more marijuana companies are taking their big leaps into the Garden State to ensure that they are the earliest to make a mark on the marijuana market. If anything, it has truly become the survival of the fittest – where fittest is the fastest and the strongest player in the field.

Facts about industrial park

The Jersey City’s industrial park was supposedly located at 1 Edward Hart Drive, a very popular destination for plants. In fact, many people sometimes roam off around here too, mainly because the park was near the Liberty State Park. The industrial park is just across the New York Daily News’ printing plant, so it should not be pretty difficult to find.

Why did the city choose the park?

The marijuana manufacturing facility have asked Nuka Properties, LLC to build the complex, and it is expected to be completed very soon. The new plant, or facility, is supposed to be operated by an affiliated firm called the Liberty Plant Sciences.It is interesting to note that Nuka Properties is not listed in one of the official databases for business names, but is still going to be working on this project. The company is, though, registered in Henderson, State of Colorado. We might even see an NJ marijuana dispensary centre nearby soon enough.

Peter Barsoom – an executive

It is being reported that Barsoom is working on expanding the brand 1906 – which is based on cannabis-based components – into the Garden State itself. Barsoom did mention in an interview with Rolling Stone that they are going to open up a world-class cultivation facility near Liberty State Park. All these facts merely agree with supposed marijuana companies-based facility that is going to open in the upcoming years. It should be interesting to see how all of this does pan out.

marijuana companiesWhat it means for the state

Since the facility will be world-class, we could see an increase in NJ marijuana dispensary centres at least, which are very much needed in the state. Many marijuana companies are also trying to set their foot into the country, and open up their own NJ marijuana dispensary centres. We definitely want to see that happening. This could potentially increase the marijuana market by a lot, depending on whether this facility does take off or not.


All of this was reported in July of 2019, and there has been no real update since then, so we would take these news with a grain of salt.