CBD ediblesThe last year was huge for the cannabis industry and as the market for CBD products grows, so do the number of CBD expos, trade shows, and conferences. These expos aren’t limited to specific regions either. This year, expos have already been held in various parts of the world e.g. Panama, Israel, North America, etc. While there have already been some key CBD expos this year, 2019 is just getting warmed up.

Following are some of the best expos and conferences that CBD business owners simply should not miss this year:

Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition

This specific CBD expo has already taken place in New York a couple of months ago. However, two more events are yet to be held. The next one is going to be held on September 25-28 in Los Angeles and the last one of this year will be held on October 23-26 in Boston. Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is one of the biggest B2B trade show events for the legalization of the cannabis industry. The expo is ideal for cannabis growers, dispensary owners, suppliers, and investors to identify new areas of growth in the CBD industry. You can expect to see highly-qualified entrepreneurs and professionals who represent various sectors of the marijuana industry.


CBD ediblesCannaCon has already been held in various locations this year, including Seattle, Oklahoma City, and Detroit. The next CannaCon expo will be held on August 23-24 in Springfield. CannaCon is one of the biggest CBD expos in the world. This two-day event helps CBD business owners learn how to succeed by planning for contingencies.

As an attendee of the expo, you can expect to learn about all the key aspects and issues facing the cannabis industry today e.g. financial, marketing, and branding trends, extraction technologies, CBD edibles, cultivation and compliance, retail insights, and more.

Grow Up Conference & Expo

This is another major CBD expo that will take place on 13-14 September in Niagara Falls. It’s a two-day exclusive event which targets the cannabis industry professionals who want to increase their knowledge. As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to access the huge exhibition area, a networking party, and a networking café. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to learn everything about how to grow cannabis from the professionals.

CBD Expo

CBD Expo is a series of cannabis conferences that take place throughout the year in the United States. One event was already held this year on June 28-29 in Seattle. The upcoming events are going to be held on October 11-12 (Denver), November 15-16 (Orlando), and December 5-6 (San Diego). It is a two-day event that provides the opportunity for CBD business owners to display their products e.g. CBD edibles, etc. as well as share their knowledge.

Final Word

CBD expos are an excellent way for businesses in the cannabis industry to learn more about the industry, network, and showcase their products e.g. CBD edibles, etc. If you are a CBD business owner looking for ways to succeed in the industry, then it is highly recommended that you book your tickets for at least one of the above-mentioned expositions.